See what people are saying about Yulia and Sergey!

"Sergey was my instructor and partner for "Celebrity Dancing III" at the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center, which benefited The Spring of Tampa Bay. Sergey, along with his wife Yulia, taught me the basics of ballroom dance (specifically the tango and salsa). They are consummate professionals, whose patience in teaching a beginner, and ability to give their students the confidence to perform, is exceptional. What an honor to study with these accomplished, dedicated individuals, whose devotion to their community is evidenced by the time and talent they gave to The Spring and to our performance. Thank you, and bravo!"
Allison Beard Luzier
Commercial Banker
World Saddlebred Champion
Community Leader

"I have been taking dance lessons for 2 years. I have wanted to learn to dance since I was a little girl but never had the opportunity.I decided to do this for my personal satisfaction.

Dancing is not only fun,it is therapy for relieving stress. When you're dancing you forget about everything else. It also is a great form of exercise.I'm so glad I found Yulia and Sergey. They, along with the dancing,have been a wonderful addition to my life."
Donna Wilson

"I was born in Vietnam,all years of my life have been prioritized to build a career and raise a large family.I constantly lived in the routine of providing to everybody needs in the family.Deep down inside of me,something always called me to search for more...would it be fun or passion for myself,or just simply bring more spice and beauty to my life?

Chance came to me in May 2007 when I met Yulia and Sergey, who became my dance teachers very short time after.Through this wonderful couple I have discovered the greatest meaning of dancing,as their life is just filled with passion,music,art and PURE DANCE.I enjoyed every single lesson I took with Sergey and Yulia.

When I look back to my 15 months learning how to dance with them,I am so grateful to start my dance experiences with the most amazing world champion ballroom dancers.My improvement in techniques is phenomenal,my posture becomes more elegant, my moves are dynamic and gracious at the same time…my whole body changes and shapes nicer.Not only that,dancing builds up in me a stronger mind and higher spirit.I am always ready to Shake and Move.

I wish from the bottom of my heart that,like me,everybody can find their happiness and fullfillment in Ballroom Dancing.
Loan Truong

Sergey and Yulia are absolutely wonderful coaches.I have been Sergey's private student since arriving in Columbus, Ohio and I can unconditionally endorse him in every aspect of teaching.

He is professional in his behavior,an inspiring coach,and teaches very proper and correct technique.I have progressed from Bronze to Silver level under his watchful and careful instruction.I have also been devoted to Yulia's Ladies Styling Class.

This small group class has been so much fun while being rigorous in Latin technique.I feel that I owe both Yulia and Sergey a great debt for improving my dancing skills to a tremendous degree.In addition,I have to mention what nice, down to earth,kind okey and wholesome people they are.They exhibit not one bit of "attitude" and everyone likes them as people as well as being in total awe of their beautiful dancing abilities.

Kirsten Wetherbee 

"Yulia and Sergey,

 Just want to let you know how much I enjoy and appreciate having you both as my dance instructors. My original goal for dancing was just to learn a few simple steps so I can have some fun at dance social events and to hide the fact that I have two left feet.

One evening at the USABDA dance, Ms. Katushka Trofimov, one of my dear friends and tennis clients, said to me “Trung, you have potentials for the Latin style, if you want to learn excellent Latin techniques then take lessons with you”. Katy gave the best advice and I was glad that I listened.

As world class dance champion, your demonstrations of the techniques are impeccable and wonderful. Most people at all levels learn to dance by imitating what they see; what better way to learn than seeing the moves you are being taught, danced to perfection during the lessons.

More importantly, as master dance instructors, you know how to inspire a student with your enthusiasm and optimistic outlook on life. You instill confidence and help him or her reach their fullest dance potentials. You are also very generous with your knowledge and you keep no secrets when it comes to explaining concepts and principles of proper dance techniques to your students. I love the picture words and the analogies you used to help the students visualize to learn more effectively.

When all is said and done, at the end of the day, you genuinely care about your students. They are like your babies and you handle them with the utmost care and most personable touch. It’s more than just a business for you. It’s about relationship, friendship, inspiration and passion to develop great dancers. I could not have asked for better instructors. You will always have a special place in my heart.

With great gratitude and admiration,"
Trung Q Bui
Senior Electrical Engineer, TECO
USPTA Tennis Professional
Ed Parker American Kenpo Karate Black Belt
Closeup Magic Instructor,International Brotherhood of Magicians

"Hello, my dear! I saw you on the internet that you are alive, healthy and live on the other side ;))). Very glad! Looked your photos...

You know, I realized that those emotions, the spirit and energy that you have invested in us, this is what you actually live, there is not a textbook on sports dance - This is life... So much emerged in the memory. Now is the feeling, as if the tears will go... Happy and sad at the same time.

As you went from Novokuznetsk, everything was in a different way, like - then formally dim. A candle slowly burn ... burned.

There are a lot of people, some of them even think that teach you something ... And after graduated Philological faculty, I do not remember what is not, as some call "teachers", even What clothes they wear ... about you (the couple) remembered and constantly reminded of ... One of my teacher said: in the primary teacher, not as he knows, whether he is good. And the test is probably always working!

I do not want you to praise. Just backlog :)

You are to me an example of couples in the broadest sense ... And this farewell rumba, when all were crying, said that the only real feelings can create a real dance. There are certainly pro-technicians who weave pattern on the body floor ... Not that ... And their first place - blender ... To be honesty, the unit can ... And for me it is - you're!

Here ... over a dozen years, I say to you ... THANK YOU! Better late."